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Carbofuran TECH

Product Description

Product introduction:

Carbofuran commonly used in the prevention and treatment of paddy rice borer, planthopper, rice thrips, rice leafhopper, gall midge;used in cotton fields to control aphid, thrips,cutworms and nematodes; may be used in tobacco seedbeds and Honda prevention and treatment of tobacco budworm, tobacco aphid, tobacco root-knot

nematodes, tobacco leaf miner and soil pests; sugar cane can be used for prevention and treatment of

sugarcane borer, wireworms, sugarcane aphid, thrips cane and sugar cane nematodes; for soybeans and

peanuts Tin can control soybean aphid, soybean stalk flies latent cyst nematode and soybean, peanut

aphid, cutworm and root- knot nematodes.



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